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Oil Grid


Our Story


Engineer Mubarak Taher, a visionary inventor brimming with innovative ideas
and knowledge, began in 1996 when he joined the Kuwait Oil Company. Early on, Mr. Taher noticed numerous employees and contractors grappling with various challenges and deficiencies in the conventional systems. These issues ranged from high operational and capital costs to excessive energy consumption, costly services, and health, safety, and environmental concerns.
These observations ignited Mr. Taher's determination to resolve many of these issues. Over the course of 24 years, he invented and implemented numerous successful projects.

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One of his early and groundbreaking inventions was the Dynamic Oil and Natural Gas Grid Production System, also known as the OIL-GRID System. This innovative solution addressed all the concerns mentioned above under a completely new concept.
Mr. Taher spent a decade (from 1996 to 2006) researching, enhancing, and testing the system, which eventually led to the first patent registered under his name. The OIL-GRID System is set to
revolutionise the industry, proving indispensable for 117 oil and gas producing countries.


Project Overall Layout


The Oil Grid is a set of facilities that cover the entire oil fields from the well heads to customer dispatch terminals. It consists if four major parts.


Project Overall


This project is poised to solve many of the industry's problems and concerns, with a well-crafted plan and a wide range of functions. It will be indispensable for any oil and gas producing industry's.

The Variety of functions and unique business setup if this project make it essential for Oil and Gas producing countries.


Design and Construction

  • ​Out Project cycle and implementation process are the fastest available (1/3 of time).

  • Projects can achieve savings ranging from 40% to 70%, starting a new project has never been more affordable.

  • Oil and Gas production is possible before project's full completion. The System configuration is un-centralized.


Power and Support

  • ​Uses 80% less power and utilities than its counterparts.

  • Built on the foundation if Green Power utilization.

  • Off-grid capabilities that are easily achievable.

  • Intelligent power management is integrated.

  • Very minimal risk of hazards and accidents within the industry.

  • Remote Self-Energies enable the production to operate anywhere globally, whether it's Off-shore or On-shore.


HSE Concerns

The Oil-Grid project have the lowest HSE impact ever due to following facts

  • System Design and configuration will eliminate most of liquid/gas intentional or accidental flued release.​

  • Due to small finger print of facility size; land and vegetation impact will considerably less if compared to any conventional system.

  • As AI is major player in operation, human health and safety is highly protected at the project.

  • The project design and configuration will provide high tolerance for natural, un-natural disaster or wars.


Business and Investment

  • This project presents a remarkable investment prospect for countries with little or no oil and gas production.

  • Its distinctive infrastructure and engineering design make it viable option for sale or lease to oil-producing nations.

  • The project's exclusive franchised business model is bound to draw the attention of investors from all over the globe.

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